get the shortcut to overcoming fear & panic
and stop your kids' (and your) anxiety for good
After working with 35 people a week for twenty years, author Jodi Aman has helped people unpack
105,000 problems. Now it is time to help you, too! 
Anxiety doesn’t play fair. It lies to you. It steals away the best parts of you. Don’t let it keep cheating you or your kids out of happiness!

Jodi highlights the ways anxiety manipulates and entraps us, and offers valuable tools you can use to see through anxiety’s mind tricks and break free.

In this masterclass, you will find out how:
  •  You can immediately reduce anxiety by 50%
  •  A simple strategy to overcome panic and move past it quickly when it comes up
  •  You can reduce the isolation that happens as a result of anxiety
  •  A tool you can use that will 10X how your kids feel about their lives (you can use this too, mom and dad)
Jodi knows first-hand what it's like to recover from anxiety and
fear, so she fully understands what others who suffer from this are
going through. Her approach to anxiety recovery is revolutionary
... yet easy and logical. I love her practical approach and positive-ly
transformational wisdom. 
Writer/Producer, The Secrets of the Keys
Robin Jay
Because of several difficult experiences in my childhood, anxiety and depression have been lifelong companions. I have tried a lot of different strategies to deal with them, including therapy and both prescribed medication and self-medicating. This book has helped me a lot. During the course of reading it I was weaning myself off of my antidepressant and anti-anxiety medications again under doctor supervision- I'd tried before and failed. But reading her book right at this time helped me tremendously. I have been off of all medication for nearly 5 months now and keep returning to this book rather than my doctor when I come up against something that brings up those old feelings again. I'm not going to say I am forever cured of anxiety and depression, I'm not sure that is ever true for anyone who has struggled with them. There is always the potential for something in life to trigger those thoughts and feelings. But this book has really helped me through some difficult times that I think in the past would have sent me back to my pills. I'm exercising more. I'm reading more. I'm listening to audio books and learning new things daily. And I am writing more than I have ever written in my life right now. Thank you, Jodi for this book and for the great work that you are doing.
Jen Turrell
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