Win at Life [How to Slay Life If You’re a Tween or Teen]

Who doesn’t want to win at life?

If you’re a teen reading this, you’ve got an amazing future in front of you filled with tons of kick-butt experiences that you’ll have with your friends, new friends to come and family.

We want to see you slay life, so here are some strategies to start today, whether you’re reading this heading into a new week, month or year.

Embrace these 10 strategies to slay both in and out of the classroom and win at life all year long.

10 Strategies to Win at Life

Turn Off Notifications

Turn off all notifications for email, social media apps, etc… except incoming calls because you know Mom can get extra if you don’t answer her call.  Force yourself to only check once every 2 hours. By having your phone “ding” it gives the same feeling as the fight or flight response. This means your body is always in alert mode, stressed out and doesn’t get to relax. You are tooooo young to be at risk for a heart attack!


Unplug from all electronics for a few hours a day and gradually increase. For sure unplug at least an hour before bedtime for better sleep. Ngl it takes time getting used to it, being we live in a technology-driven world, but after awhile, it will be a normal thing to do. You’ll end up designating how you spend your time and when you plug back in because, of course, you have more important things to do like hanging out with your squad.

Be In the Present

I understand you are on fire with lots to do but I highly recommend you give yourself permission to relax and be present in the moment. Notice the sounds, smells and the little details. It’s like a quick refresher. Or better yet have a quick one song dance party and let the music take over while feeling the beat and paying attention to the background sounds/beats. It feels AMAZEBALLS!

Try Meditation

Incorporate 15 minutes of quiet time every day. It will help take your mind to a calm state. Your mind needs breaks to reboot. To make this easier just download the app Smiling Mind, Calm, Omvana or Head Space. Great to do first thing in the morning but best before bedtime for better sleep. Now that’s hundo-p!

Give Meatless Meals a Try

Make healthy food choices by electing more plant-based options. You can start by choosing one meatless meal per day. Add more veggies to your dish or by juicing yourself or purchasing 100% juice. Meat is tougher on your body to digest. Give it a break so it can focus on better things. FR

Practice Gratitude

Start a gratitude journal and add to it every day. Start with the breath you just took. Journal every day for a minimum of 15 minutes, especially when you’re feeling salty. Tbh, it’s such a freeing feeling. It can be a paper or electronic journal though there is just something so magical when transferring your thoughts with your pen onto paper. This can be a great way to start your day and set the tone for a finesse day.

Embrace Nature

Nature’s beauty is so on point. Walk outside to a grassy area nearby barefoot and connect with nature. Just take it in for a minimum of 5 minutes a day. Gradually increase. Better yet, have a barefoot dance party outside. There’s just something so amazing about being outdoors and even more so barefoot.

Make Someone’s Day

You know what’s tight? Doing a random act of kindness. It’s a win-win! You make someone’s day and it makes you feel good!

Get Sleep

The key to avoid getting savage is to get quality sleep! Yep, so simple yet easy to skip this step. Your body needs at least 7-8 hours. Place your hand on your tummy and inhale slowly until you have filled up your tummy and chest. Hold for 5 seconds. Slowly exhale completely. Repeat and focus on your breath until you fall asleep. You’ll wake up feeling Gucci.

Learn to Say “No”

It’s okay to say “No” sometimes. Think twice how you choose to spend your time and energy. That’s right! YOU CHOOSE! So tell those not worthy of your time and energy…Bye Felicia

Final Thoughts

You don’t need a list of new year’s rezzie’s to make changes in your life. You can decide at any moment that it’s time to start and make this week/month/year the best yet. Just take one step at a time and take any setbacks in stride. Now go out there, Slay and Win at Life!!

Translations for adults:

Slay = If you’ve succeeded at something unbelievably amazing, perhaps you’ll earn this term. It means to be the best of the best. If you are the best, then you slay. If you did something really well, you totally slayed.

Extra = trying too hard or being over the top obnoxious. being unnecessarily dramatic.

ngl = not gonna lie

squad = your closest group of friends

fire = something that’s hot or new and awesome

Amazeballs = amazing

Hundo p = Use this response when you 100% agree with a statement. One-hundred percent = hundo p. Only use it when you are positive about something.

FR = abbreviation for For real

Salty = pissed, bitter

Tbh = abbreviation for To be honest

Finesse = To perfect or smooth things out, both visually and emotionally. Also when someone carries themselves with extreme elegance and style.

on point = something is well done, high quality or perfect

tight = dope (“yo that’s kinda tight”)

Savage = someone who says something without a filter

Gucci = Something is good or cool

Bye Felicia = basically means just leave because i don’t care about you


Yvonne Hernandez is the creator of Holistic Boss Babe, Mama to 3 world changers, wife, entrepreneur, and a 4th generation holistic mama.  You can catch her on the dance floor, traveling the world, or sharing her knowledge and passion for living a holistic and natural lifestyle.