Keep Customers Happy, Drive Up Profits, Increase Positive Online Reviews and Bring Family Closer 
(Just $2 a Month or $4.97 OTO)

Whether you give families just one card or the whole deck, families will come back again and again to relive the experience

What's in it for You?

A Social Cause Local Families Will Rally Behind

Family dinner table conversation is already a hot topic. Your restaurant gets to be part of the solution.

Done-For-You Press Releases

Press releases for your local television and newspaper outlets to drive you tons of free press, notoriety and fame.

Custom Social Media Graphics for Your Business

When you sign up, we'll send you 30 days of social media images + FB ad images to get you started.

What Parents are Saying

Our Mission

Together with your Restaurant we want to help over 1,000,000 families have more meaningful conversations around the Dinner Table and assist parents in giving our children the life skills and personal development habits that are essential for everyone in life.

The impact will result in an increase in kindness, greater happiness, better mental and physical health, less bullying, a decrease in teen suicide and a world where children have the ingredients to win at life today and tomorrow.


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