Happiness isn’t Making $19 Billion Dollars [Rags to Riches WhatsApp Jan Koum’s Life Story]

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Growing up in a small town in the Ukraine and escaping to the United States at the age of 16, What’s App Founder is no stranger to hard work. He taught himself computer engineering and is quoted as saying, “I want to do one thing and I want to do it well.” He’s also learned a lot during his incredible journey and has shared a lot of wisdom along the way.

Here Are Some of The Best Jan Koum Quotes:

  1. “Communication is at the very core of our society. That’s what makes us human” – Jan Koum
  2. “Experiences from our youth shape what we do later in life.” – Jan Koum
  3. “The F-word here is focus.” Jan Koum
  4. “A lot of times, people start out with a lot of good ideas, but then they don’t execute. They lose the purity of their vision. You end up running around in circles. – Jan Koum
  5. “Do One Thing And Do It Well” – Jan Koum
  6. “Be simple and reliable.” Jan Koum