Embracing Her Confidence, Sexuality and Power: Kira Kosarin’s (of The Thundermans) Instagram Response to a Mom

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If you’re the parent of young kids, chances are you know who Kira Kosarin is (or are at least are familiar with her face).  In 2013 she landed a main casting spot as Phoebe in the hit TV Series The Thundermans. The Thundermans was a hit on Nickelodeon and ran from 2013-2018. Kira has made many appearances on Nickelodeon and has a Popular YouTube Channel with over 100,000 Subscribers. She also has an active Social Media Following with over 3.8 million followers on Instagram.

She also has some words of wisdom to impart on her fans. Here are a couple of her best quotes:

1. In September 2016, Kira took to Instagram to share side-by-side photos of herself at different weights – and why she doesn’t beat herself up over it.

“Quick note about weight loss and weight gain and giving yourself a freaking break. It’s so easy to say ‘Love yourself at every size!’ and ‘give yourself a break!’ to strangers on the Internet, but it’s another thing to actually try to practice it. So, in that spirit… This is me at 126lbs a few months ago, and me at 136lbs today, following and 5 months of no working out (due to a back injury) and lots of international traveling and airport food.” Kira Kosarin

2. ”I wish I had the super power to just go to sleep for two hours. Just two.” — Kira Kosarin