Best Parenting Advice Ever: Today Is Not The Best Day Of Your Life (Here’s Why)

best parenting advice

Moms and Dads, get ready to hear some of the best parenting advice you’ll ever hear.

Seriously, most won’t share this parenting advice with you.

Most, will actually tell you something very different.

But not Mark Gregston.

Mark is the founder of a residential counseling center for struggling teens and is the author of several books written from his 40 years of working with teens and parents.

The Parenting Advice You’ve Heard a Thousand Times

“Cherish these moments… they’ll be gone before you know it.”

Or maybe it sounds more like, “Enjoy these times, they’ll be gone so fast.”

Something to that effect.

We’ve all heard it. And if you’re honest with yourself, there are moments when you probably don’t appreciate it.

For example, I’m writing this while waiting for family to get through Customs at the airport in Sydney. My two-year-old insisted on getting a bowl of fruit… which he loved for about three minutes, until he thought it would be funny to throw it (mostly full) into the trash (I did grab it before it all went in.)

But I wouldn’t say that I’ll cherish that moment.

Nor are the meltdowns or the toddler attitude or stubborn refusal to listen to things that I will miss, particularly.

There are amazing moments, don’t get me wrong.

But parents need to let go of the pressure to enjoy each and every moment.

Because, as Mark Gregston puts it, there are even better days still ahead.

Mom and Dad, These Are NOT the Best Days of Your Lives

Mark Gregston offered the best piece of parenting advice I’ve heard, one that will hopefully take some of the pressure off to feel like you have to enjoy every moment.

“These are NOT the best days of your lives.”

He adds that, “Grandkids are a reward for not killing your own child.”

“Parents feel like the only time we have to influence our kids is during their adolescent years, while they’re still at home with us. And I am convinced that’s totally wrong. You have more opportunities to influence your kids in the days ahead, the days when they do get married and move on. You have the opportunity to become the best friend that you ever wanted to be with your child. And you’ll enjoy them a lot more when they’re not living at home.”

So mom and dad, just know that everything you’re doing is moving you to be in a better place in life. Enjoy the moments but don’t feel like the best days are passing you by.

You’re only going to enjoy your kids more and more over the years. And when they reach adulthood, you’ll have the opportunity to be incredibly influential in their lives and be the best friend to your kids that you could hope to be.

Final Thoughts on Why These are NOT The Best Days of Your Lives

Let go of the fear that the best days are now. There are always new and amazing times ahead with incredible memories to be made. And this applies to both parents AND kids! Kids should know that high school isn’t going to be the best time of their lives. There’s always something new and exciting just around the corner, some new opportunity.

Great days still lay ahead of you.


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