Find calm in your (crazy busy) demanding life with kids...even if you feel like you don't have any time to spare.
Have you ever found yourself thinking, 'I know I need self-care, but I just don't have time"?
Not anymore. 
By the end of this masterclass, you’ll understand why self-care is an essential part of parenting and that it goes well beyond the occasional massages and pretty nails.
Find out how you can self-care in just minutes per day
Learn the many benefits to self-care, not only to you but for your family (including some you won't expect!)
Find out a simple strategy you can use to stay calm when the 'witching hour' strikes
Learn why you need to dig in your heels about self-care during those 911 moments
In this 50-minute class, self-care coach Jody Agard offers moms powerful advice on why self-care must be part of a regular routine and how to implement it in your busy life (no week-long retreats required). Feel less guilty when you take time for yourself and create a life you truly love

This is a must-have resource for any busy mom! Jody says, “Self-care can no longer be a cutesy catchphrase, it must be our mission...a movement…a revolution, and a new way of living for busy moms.”

Jody Agard, the author of the bestseller Let Love in 101, is a self-care coach working exclusively with busy moms who want to feel less overwhelmed and more fulfilled. Jody is known in her industry for transforming the lives of moms through the art of self-care. Her vision is for a world where moms around the globe are caring and nurturing themselves as easily as they care for their children. 

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I enjoyed this book very much. Jody knows all about the heart and mind of the harried Mom. She understands the need for self care and shares why you need to pamper yourself first. Please do, you'll be a happier Mom for it.
Jody gets totally real about her life, her journey and motherhood and it was like looking into a mirror for me. She then transitions into what to actually DO about it. Cuz while reading about her story is inspirational and touching, we all need ACTION STEPS to actually move forward. Jody has a system you can follow that includes really easy and doable strategies that fit into a busy mom's life. I've already started incorporating some of her strategies and giving myself grace to do this slowly - thanks to Jody. 
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