25 Absolutely Awesome Mom Bloggers to Follow on Facebook

Do you love following mom bloggers on Facebook?

When my parents were raising me, they had to rely on books or (more commonly) friends and family for parenting advice. Those days are long gone, though, thanks to the internet.

Today, there are literally tens of thousands of mom bloggers out there on every topic under the sun.

If you want advice on making it easy to be green, there’s a blog for you. If you want to learn underwater basket weaving, there’s a mom blog for you. (Okay, maybe not that last one, but hey, you never know).

There are so many great blogs, that it can be hard to know who you should follow. That’s why we put together a list of our 25 favorite mom bloggers to follow.

And because we want to make it easy for you to find the best bloggers on the platforms you love to hang out on, we put together a list of mom bloggers to follow on Facebook, specifically.


25 Awesome Mom Bloggers on Facebook

  1. Family Focus Blog: A variety of content, from craft and food ideas to tips for being more eco-friendly. [Follow on Facebook}
  2. Confessions of an Overworked Mom: This site has easy crafts, recipes, DIY ideas and other fun stuff for busy moms who aren’t looking to add a lot of extra stuff to their plates. [Follow on Facebook]
  3. Our Kids Mom: This site is brought to you by a Midwestern mom who’s a self-proclaimed travel addict, fitness junkie and tech lover. If that describes you, then you’ll love this blog. [Follow on Facebook]
  4. Sweet Tea Makes Three: This blog focuses on food, family travel and general family life. On her Facebook page, you’ll find mom tips, recipes and a healthy dose of humor that all parents are guaranteed to enjoy. [Follow on Facebook]
  5. A Time Out for Mommy: This blog brought to you by a mom who writes about her experiences raising a family in one of the biggest cities in the world, NYC. On her Facebook page, you can find parenting advice and product recommendations. [Follow on Facebook]
  6. Mom Unleashed: On this blog, you’ll find everything from tips on being a better parent to your children (including your four-legged children) to organizing your home to self-care routines. Her Facebook is great for product recommendations and ideas. [Follow on Facebook]
  7. Upstate Ramblings: If you love cooking, this is a great mom blog to follow. This homeschooling mom blogger with three kids loves cooking, crafting and writing. And if you enjoy some mom humor, you’ll definitely want to follow her on Facebook. [Follow on Facebook]
  8. Momma to 4 Blessings: One of the first things that caught my eye was that the Facebook page says Momma to 4 Blessings, the website is Mommyto5Blessings but that all the headers have been changed to Momma to SIX Blessings! This blog and Facebook page has a little of everything, from healthy recipes to homeschooling. [Follow on Facebook]
  9. Mommy Katie: This site has product recommendations and gift guides. And, for those of us who can’t get enough of mommy memes, you’ll definitely want to follow her on Facebook. [Follow on Facebook]
  10. Newly Crunchy Mama of 3: This site has lots of great recipes as well as giveaways moms will love. Follow her on Facebook for product recommendations. [Follow on Facebook]
  11. Mom Spotted: This website is a one-stop-shop for all things parenting, from recipes and travel to giveaways and family fun. Follow them on Facebook for some LOL-inducing fun in your day. [Follow on Facebook]
  12. Mom Generations: If you’re in the mood for a blog that combines parenting with fashion, this is the blog for you. The blog has a little bit for everyone, with not only fashion advice but also travel, fitness and even the hard stuff in her “Personal” category. [Follow on Facebook]
  13. Lady and the Blog: This is also another great site for someone who loves lifestyle blogs. And I highly suggest following her on Facebook, as you’ll find not only humor but also recommendations for fun games and activities for the family. She’s very active on Facebook. [Follow on Facebook]
  14. Fierce Beyond Forty: This mom blog is aimed specifically at women in their forties and beyond, offering information on style and beauty, health and well-being, and even life coaching if you find yourself struggling at this stage of life. Follow her on Facebook to stay up-to-date with recent blog posts, product recommendations and humor. [Follow on Facebook]
  15. Wisconsin Mommy: This is a lifestyle blog offering everything from craft ideas to healthy living tips to travel. You can also find her hamming it up on her video blog. [Follow on Facebook]
  16. Wondermom Wannabe: The fun cartoon avatar is enough reason to follow this mom blogger on Facebook. However, even beyond the cartoon, this Page has tons of great content, from her 7-day gratitude challenge to humor to mouth-watering recipes. On her site, this military wife and mom of five provides valuable content with the intention of helping busy moms be everyday superheroes. [Follow on Facebook]
  17. I Don’t Have Time for That: This blog is specifically for moms who want tips and tricks for saving money. Follow her on Facebook for tasty recipes, product recommendations and mommy memes. [Follow on Facebook]
  18. Mom the Magnificent: This site provides a fun entertainment section that you don’t often see on mom blogs and is a must-follow if you and your family enjoy movie-going. Follow her on Facebook for movie suggestions, food and product recommendations. [Follow on Facebook]
  19. Mom and More: This mom blog has an assortment of content, from product reviews to information on how to keep your kid in school, to travel tips. [Follow on Facebook]
  20. Jen’s Blah Blah Blog: I like this blog because it has a little bit of everything, from product recommendations and tips on saving money to fun recipes and DIY, to fashion. Follow her on Facebook for product recommendations and humor. [Follow on Facebook]
  21. The Mama Zone: Follow this blog on Facebook for product recommendations, recipe ideas and a healthy dose of humor. [Follow on Facebook]
  22. Mama Knows It All: This blog has content specifically for moms, like health, fashion and beauty, and inspiration, as well as a section for kids and an area for families that includes articles on marriage and California, the blogger’s home state. On her Facebook page, you’ll find a lot of humor, but also images of this mom and her family, content that helps you get to know her a little better. [Follow on Facebook]
  23. Jo, My Gosh: I love this site because it’s specifically aimed at supporting military moms, with content specifically for that audience. On her Facebook page, you’ll fine suggestions for maintaining a strong marriage during deployments, how to support troops overseas, planning for a military wedding, and more! [Follow on Facebook]
  24. Moments with Mandi: On this site, you’ll find a lifestyle blog with tons of content not only on parenting, but also recipes, fitness, travel, and how to start your own business as a stay at home mom (or dad). [Follow on Facebook]
  25. Oh My Gosh Beck: If you love mom humor, you’ll love following Oh My Gosh Beck on Facebook. This mom blogger posts mostly humor with the occasional giveaway. A great page to follow to help you laugh when the kids are making you crazy. The blog, itself, offers tons of giveaways that moms are guaranteed to love. [Follow on Facebook]

Do you follow any great mom bloggers on Facebook (or are YOU a mom blogger) who you think would make a great addition to the list?

Leave us a comment below with the link to their blog or Facebook page and we’ll make sure they include them!

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