[Infographic] 50 Manners Kids Should Know [Signature Worksheet Included]

kids manners

Table Talk Conversation: What are the top Manners Kids should know? I love asking kids this question, their answers are amazing. I’ve put a fun Table Talk Conversation in the conclusion below.

Do your kids have good manners?

I hear folks saying all the time that kids don’t have manners like they use to, but I’ve seen differently.

Sure they might forget some of the basics here and there, but we’ve got you covered now.

[Click Here To Download This 50 Manners Worksheet For Your Kids To Sign]

Good manners become a habit when done repeatably and make for a happier home, so start early.

Realize it doesn’t happen overnight, but with consistency and a good role model who practices what he/she preaches, it will.

And I’m sure you’ll agree, nothing is more “groovy” to us parents than hearing that our children are well mannered from another parent.


50 Manners Kids Should Know

Tip 1: Say Please

Tip 2: Say Thank You

Tip 3: Respect Everyone

Tip 4: Be Polite Even if You Don’t Like Something

Tip 5: Don’t Interrupt Someone When They’re Speaking

Tip 6: Hold The Door Open For The Person Behind You

Tip 7: If You Have Nothing Nice To Say Bite Your Tongue

Tip 8: When Someone is Speaking To you Pay Attention

Tip 9: Look at People in the Eyes When They Speak To You

Tip 10: Clean Up After Yourself Always

Tip 11: Love Everyone’s Imperfections

Tip 12: Don’t Make Fun Of People

Tip 13: Don’t Call People Names

Tip 14: Don’t Talk About People Behind Their Backs

Tip 15: Never Make Someone Feel Left Out

Tip 16: Say Sorry When You Make A Mistake

Tip 17: Help Someone Pick Up Something If they Dropped It

Tip 18: If you See Someone Struggling Offer a Helping Hand

Tip 19: Eliminate Sarcasm If It Hurts Someone’s Feelings

Tip 20: Don’t Eat Food With Your Hands If it Should Be Eaten with Utensils

Tip 21: Don’t Litter

Tip 22: Don’t Bite Your Nails or Pick Your Skin in Public

Tip 23: Cover Your Mouth when you Cough & Nose When You Sneeze

Tip 24: Don’t Burp In Public

Tip 25: When Someone Sneezes Bless Them

Tip 26: Don’t Curse

Tip 27: Knock when a Door Is Closed

Tip 28: Thank Someone When They Have You Over to their Home

Tip 29: Thank People When They Give You Something (even if you don’t like it)

Tip 30: Write Someone A Thank You Note When They Give You Something

Tip 31: Don’t Be Mean Online Even If You Disagree With Someone

Tip 32: Standup For Someone Always If They’re Being Picked On

Tip 33: Don’t Be Negative Telling People What You Don’t Like

Tip 34: When Someone Is Sad Show Them Support

Tip 35: Keep A Napkin On Your Lap When Eating

Tip 36: Don’t Ignore People When They’re Talking To You

Tip 37: Be On Time (heck Be Early)

Tip 38: Take Your Shoes off In Other Peoples Homes

Tip 39: Clean Up After Yourself

Tip 40: If The Garbage Is Full Empty It

Tip 41: If you Use the Last Of Something, Replace It

Tip 42: Don’t Talk With Food In Your Mouth

Tip 43: Turn off or Silent Your Phone When With Others

Tip 44: When Someone Visits Your Home Take their Coat & Offer Them A Drink

Tip 45: When You Meet Someone New Shake Their Hand Firmly

Tip 46: Introduce Yourself When You Meet New People and ask their Name

Tip 47: Don’t Sit Before Your Guest When Having Dinner

Tip 48: Offer to Help With Dishes Always

Tip 49: Open The Car Door for Your Elders

Tip 50: Be Kind To Everyone Even When You’re Having A Bad Day

Conclusion: 50 Manners Kids Should Know

In one of our most popular posts, The top 10 Nonfiction Books for Teens, many of the books cover the importance of developing good manners early on.

Many of the 50 we included are basic, but sometimes some can be forgotten.

I always like to remind my kids that you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression and good manners make lasting first impressions. They help you earn respect, imply you have good values and heck, they just help you feel good about yourself.

Click the link below to download these and leave them at each family members place setting tonight.

[Click Here To Download This 50 Manners Worksheet For Your Kids To Sign]

For your Table Talk Conversation ask your kids: What are the top Manners Kids should know? Then have everyone go around the table and share one manner they think someone practices well in the house looking down the sheet and share a personal manner you’d like to work on that you don’t practice as often as you’d like?

If you found the discussion and talking points interesting, then we would like to invite you to take a look at our Table Talk. Conversations have been proven to help kids perform better academically, reduce the likelihood they will engage in risky behavior, and strengthen the relationship between teens and parents. Click here to learn more (it’s free).

50 manners kids should know

kids manners

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