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Do you often find yourself yelling at your kids? And then laying awake at night with guilt? It's time to say goodbye to TANTRUMS & TEARS with the help of the INVEST NOW Strategy.
Whether you have toddlers or teens, these strategies will put an end to constant power struggles
By the end of this masterclass, you'll be armed with the specific tools you need to head off power struggles at the pass, before they happen
Find out a simple technique that helps your child express his or her feelings... before the tantrum begins
Find out the 1 thing you can do that will TRANSFORM your relationship with your kids (this is a total game-changer)
Learn the simple strategy that can teach your kids the joy in serving others
Learn an easy teaching technique that will help your kids learn & retain the life lessons you're sharing
In this 50-minute class, parenting expert Holly Anderson shares with parents powerful tools and strategies to help put an end to tantrums, fighting and whining.

Whether your child is a toddler or a teen, this masterclass has something for everyone. She shares game-changing ideas for how parents can put an end to the frustrating power struggles, make kids feel more involved in decision-making and create an overall happier home for the family.

Holly Anderson, founder of Invested Parents Secrets, helpsmparents build lasting relationships with their children and find joy in the journey.

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"For the first time in 2 years, I have enjoyed my son…Thank you!"
Wendi, New York
“I’ve loved learning from and using the INVEST NOW program! It not only gives great advice for parenting, but breaks it up into small manageable weekly challenges. I also love the videos and ideas they give for applying each step to customize it to your own child’s or family’s needs. I have seen positive results as I have applied the principles to my parenting and look forward to seeing more results as I continue to form these positive habits.”
Kathryn, California
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