13 Hysterical Halloween Kid Pranks Parents Will Appreciate

Here are 13 must try Halloween kid pranks every parent should attempt, even if it isn’t Halloween.

Prepare to literally laugh out loud as you go through these and leave a comment on which one is your favorite.

Down below, you’ll see the top10 I like to do around my house for fun that you can do today also.

There’s also a “Bonus” 14th prank that could make for some fun at the park with the kids when it’s not Halloween. I mean, doesn’t every family like to dress up as “Michael Myers” and chase people around the park?

Now there are a ton of other kid pranks I didn’t include, so comment down below with any you’ve had fun pulling on your kids that we didn’t include. We’ll make a part 2 with a large collection for Moms & Dads to come back to when we want to spice things up at home.

[Safety Warning] Revenge is common among all kids so be prepared should you attempt any of these awesome kid pranks. 

13 Hysterical Halloween Kid Pranks Parents Will Appreciate

Carmel Apple Onion Prank

I Ate All Your Halloween Candy Prank

The Scarecrow Prank

The Head in a Jar Prank

Here’s instructions on how to pull this prank off on your kids in less than 30 minutes (or 5 minutes if you use his image)

Human Chair Prank

The Broken Phone Prank

Brussel Sprout Lollipop Prank

Saran Wrap Doorway Prank (or Toilet)

Head Falls Off Prank

The original “head drops off” video (click here) has been viewed over 13 million times, but this video above explains how you can pull this off yourself at home.

Bathroom Pranks (love the Fake Poop)

Another great prank is to take some clear dish soap and write a creepy message on the mirror. This won’t be seen until they shower and there’s steam on the mirror. Maybe a message like “I’m Watching You” might get your kids day started just right.

Cream Cheese Deodorant Prank

The Cheetos Carrot Prank

Oreo Toothpaste Prank


Bonus #14: The Terrifying Halloween Scare Prank


Conclusion Halloween Kid Pranks:

So which kid pranks above are your favorite? I found them all hysterical, but let me know which one is yours.

Some common ones I’ve enjoyed doing are:

  1. Panty Hose over my Head and hiding in the closet at night
  2. Downloading the T.V. Remote App and changing the Channel from the other room
  3. Putting clear tape around the kitchen sink faucet sprayer
  4. Does your Family love Sushi? Replace and fill the inside of a Cucumber Sushi Roll with Wasabi
  5. Kids addicted to the Computer? Go to the mouse settings on the computer and switch the setting for which button clicks to the opposite. Then change the speed to super slow. Next, put some clear tape on the bottom of their mouse sensor, put the battery in backwards and use clear tape to hold down the CTRL key. This will keep them confused for at least 10 minutes.
  6. Do you kids bring sanitizer to school? Replace it with clear glue.
  7. Put transparent nail polish over the soap in the shower. It won’t lather and they’ll think the soap is broken.
  8. Put some green and black marker over their sandwich bag. When they get to school they’ll think you gave them a moldy sandwich
  9. Put a “For Sale” sign up in front of your house when they come home from school
  10. Change the ring-tone on your child’s phone to the most embarrassing song. Maybe Justin Bieber Baby. Now make sure the ringer is on and when they get on the school bus, call them. Want an additional tip, change the password so they can’t answer it.

What’re your pranks?

Let’s unite and make the longest list of kid pranks possible to keep our children on their toes and the conversations fun.

Comment below and we’ll add yours to the list.

Happy Pranking Moms & Dads ~


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