Think Your Customers Would Put Down Their Cell Phones in Your Restaurant if a Celebrity Joined Them for a Conversation?

Click the button below to download this 18-card deck of conversation cards for your customers

What the World Needs Now (More Than Ever) Are More Meaningful Conversations

Together with your Restaurant we want to help over 1,000,000 families have more meaningful conversations around the Dinner Table and assist parents in giving our children the life skills and personal development habits that are essential for everyone in life.

We're offering restaurants the opportunity to share with their customers our 18-card decks that are designed to inspire meaningful conversation and leave patrons wanting to come back again and again to re-live the great experience.

Use these cards as part of a weekly promotional special (where customers get a discount for not touching their phones during the meal), give them out as a complimentary gift, or sell them in your restaurant. We also are happy to customize a deck with your restaurant logo or even for your local community.

Here is a small sample of a card deck...


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