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We want to invoke conversation at the Dinner Table, where life’s #1 MBA is obtained. Our content is meant to drown out the negative media and instead lift up, educate and/or motivate families.

We think if you’re interested in writing for us, you should first understand our Logo’s symbols and see if you have a topic that can relate to one of our core beliefs that can assist in Arming our Families to live a more Fearless life:

The circular symbol in the center of the shield stands for the four blessings of virtue, longevity, prosperity and good health. The ancient Chinese believed these were essential in order to lead an exemplary life. In the upper left hand corner, the Symbol is Chih, representing wisdom, knowledge and knowing, then moving clockwise around the shield is peace, happiness and finally love, represented in the lower left hand corner.

If you have something positive that can touch on one of those symbols and is original (not shared elsewhere), please fill out our brief submission form below and we’ll be back in touch within 48 hours or less!