How to Really Help your Kids Journal to Success

journal to success

This is a very quick and simple way to journal to success and it’s not a gratitude journal. However, if your child does have a daily gratitude journal, than implementing this will 10X the results. This simple journaling practice, recommended by practicing psychologist and anxiety survivor Jodi Aman, will completely change the way your child…

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How to Use the Best Mom Hack Before Mom Life Starts Today

mom hacks

This is the ultimate Mom Hack to use before those potentially stressful mom moments. Let’s face it, life as a mom (and dad) is unpredictable, whether you’re raising a toddler or teen. And every parent knows that there are also those everyday stressful or crazy moments, like during the morning rush, getting the kids off…

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How To Make Sure No Child Lacks Empathy (A Child Empathy Test)

child lacks empathy

Do you think your child lacks empathy or want to ensure they’re more empathetic? My guess is they already have more empathy than you know, as you can see parenting expert Holly Anderson points out in the child empathy test. Some feel empathy can’t be taught, but in-fact it can and we’re about to show…

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Should You Teach Faith or Train on Faith as a Parent (There’s a Difference)

teach faith

Should you teach faith or train on faith as a parent? There is a difference and let’s go over that now. Over a year ago we wrote a post on what to do when your child starts to question faith. The post has driven a ton of discussion on social media because of what Mark Gregston,…

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25 Powerful Affirmations For Kids That Will Boost Their Spirit

Affirmations for kids and adults are so powerful. Let’s be very clear first. Affirmations are not woo woo. What makes them woo woo is when they’re not believable or when you don’t put action behind the affirmation. Do Affirmations Work for Kids In short, the answer to this is a resounding “yes!” We all have…

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One Easy Way Of Helping Kids With Anxiety (Seriously Teach Your Kid This)

helping kids with anxiety

Helping kids with anxiety is so important for any parent. Anxiety impacts so many of our youth and, for adults, it’s considered the number one “mental illness.” However, if you’ve heard our masterclass interview with Jodi Aman on her book “You 1 Anxiety 0”, it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, there’s an…

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Child Fears: This is How to Help Your Child Put Their Fears To Bed

If your child fears getting up in front of his or her class to speak or is afraid of the big bad wolf under their bed, here are some things you can do as a parent to help. Children and even us adults can have fear tied to virtually anything. The key, though, as a…

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25 Fabulous One On One Time With Children Ideas

one on one time with children ideas

Do you have one-on-one time with your children? Just like individual “me time” for moms and dads is important, individual one-on-on time with your children is also important. In fact, this one-on-one time will go a long way towards strengthening your relationships with each of your kids, individually. Your kids will know that this “date…

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How to Explain What is Anxiety Caused By to your Kid (This Eliminates 50%)

What is anxiety caused by? This isn’t taught in school or by really anyone (until now). When you understand the biology of anxiety, 1 out of 2 people will immediately be cured (yes it’s that powerful). In a recent interview with Jodi Aman, she reviews with us what anxiety is caused by and how we…

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Parent Self Care 911: Children Can Accidentally Steal Your Identity (Yikes)

Here’s a parent self-care 911. Moms and dads, it’s crucial for your own self-care that you don’t tie your own identity to being a “x” Mom or “Y” Dad. You’ve heard this a hundred times before, I’m sure. “The kids won’t be around forever. What are you going to do when they move out?” And…

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