Kids Sexting: The Stats and What You Need to Know


Kids sexting. Sharing nude or partially nude photos of themselves. And then those pictures going viral. These are the things that parenting nightmares are made of. We all would like to tell ourselves that our kids know better than to share explicit photos of themselves or others. But let’s face it, kids make mistakes. They…

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What is Edutainment and Why Kids Learn Better this Way


Have you heard of edutainment? The name is exactly what it sounds like, a form of education designed to be entertaining. The idea of blending education with entertainment keeps kids engaged while making learning a pleasure, which means kids retain more of the information they’re consuming. If you’re cringing at the idea of having to…

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How to Increase Dopamine in Children and Why


Feel like your child is unusually unmotivated or struggles with concentration? It could be low dopamine! I want to share a few ways how to increase dopamine in your children, and explain why you might want to. What is dopamine? Dopamine is a chemical in the brain that sends signals to tell your body what to…

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Why Mindfulness for Kids Benefits Your Family (and How To Do It)


Mindfulness for kids? Studies today clearly indicate that children of all ages can hugely benefit from mindfulness. But first, what is mindfulness, exactly? According to, “Mindfulness is the basic human ability to be fully present, aware of where we are and what we’re doing, and not overly reactive or overwhelmed by what’s going on…

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How to be an Active Parent and Increase Peak Performance

Are you an active parent who would like to help your kids increase peak performance? Now, before we move forward, we should probably define ‘peak performance.’ Peak performance is, essentially, the moment that an individual is performing at the maximum of their ability, when everything comes together and they achieve an exceptional performance. It’s characterized…

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12 Parenting Styles (The Good, Bad and Sadly the Ugly)


There are many types of parenting styles, although you may not be familiar with all the official names. The types of parenting styles, essentially, describe the way that parents react and respond to their kids. It’s important to keep in mind that partners may have different types of parenting styles when dealing with their kids…

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10 Surefire Ways To Increase Courage In Kids


There’s no doubt that we would all like to see courage in kids. And with the ever-escalating fear in our society, today, courage is going to be an important skill for kids to have, not just as a kid, but as an adult as well. According to the Kathleen K. Reardon’s article Courage as a…

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Struggling with Faith: What to Do When Your Kids Start Questioning Faith

Is your teen struggling with faith? Or are you, perhaps? It’s definitely not an easy topic or one taken lightly. Most adults, if they’re going to be honest, will admit to going through periods in their life where they questioned what they believed. I recently chatted with Mark Gregston, co-founder of heartlight ministries and host…

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Connect with Kids: How to Strengthen the Relationship with Your Children


Do you ever wonder as a Mom or Dad how you can truly connect with kids and be the parent? It goes without saying that all of us want a deep, meaningful connection with our kids. But let’s be honest. It can get harder when you start to enter the tween or teen years. Not…

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How to Handle a Bully: Both In School (and at Work)


How to handle a bully, is a question asked not only by kids, but also us adults who deal with bullies at work. With the unending talk in the media about school shootings, an increase in teen suicide and shows like 13 Reasons Why, bullying is a topic weighing on everyone’s minds these days. And…

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