45 Interesting Family Bonding Time Conversations for the Dinner Table

family bonding time

Table Talk Conversation: The importance of family bonding time is tremendous. To make your family bonding time 10X better next time, here’s some amazing conversations to have. One of the biggest frustrations we all hear from other parents is how do we get our kids to really open up? I know you’re probably saying, “my…

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[Infographic] 50 Manners Kids Should Know [Signature Worksheet Included]

kids manners

Table Talk Conversation: What are the top Manners Kids should know? I love asking kids this question, their answers are amazing. I’ve put a fun Table Talk Conversation in the conclusion below. Do your kids have good manners? I hear folks saying all the time that kids don’t have manners like they use to, but…

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How To Praise Your Child And Their Effort (Even When They Get An A)

how to praise your child

Table Talk Conversation: What advice would you give a parent on “How to Praise Your Child” whether they win or fail? Your Family’s Table Talk “Talking Points” are in the Conclusion below. It’s that time of year again, report cards are out and proud parents are going crazy all over Social Media. It’s great to be happy…

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The One Crucial Ingredient For Parenting Teenagers That Experts Can’t Give You

ingredient for parenting teenagers

Table Talk Conversation: What do you feel is the one crucial ingredient for parenting teenagers? Your Family’s Table Talk “Talking Points” are in the Conclusion below. When you talk to different parenting “Experts” and ask them what they feel is the most important ingredient for parenting teens, you’ll hear many different answers. Here are just…

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How To Crush Your Child’s Negative Self Talk And Why You Need To Do This

negative self talk

Table Talk Conversation: What does negative self talk mean to you? Your Family’s Table Talk “Talking Points” are in the Conclusion below. Negative self-talk is something that we all experience from time-to-time. It’s that inner voice inside all of us which, at times, can be positive or negative. When that voice is negative it can…

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13 Hysterical Halloween Kid Pranks Parents Will Appreciate

Here are 13 must try Halloween kid pranks every parent should attempt, even if it isn’t Halloween. Prepare to literally laugh out loud as you go through these and leave a comment on which one is your favorite. Down below, you’ll see the top10 I like to do around my house for fun that you…

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Raising Teens: How To Get Your Teen To Really Open Up And Talk More

raising teens

Raising teens who talk openly is a problem many parents share. I mean, we all want to raise teens who will talk to us when they reach the challenging teen years, right? But how do you do that? And what do you do if your child has turned into a teenager virtually overnight and suddenly…

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50 Thought-Provoking Questions to Ask Teens (That Won’t Annoy them)

Here’s a list of 50 thought-provoking questions to ask teens that won’t actually annoy them. Do you feel like your teen or pre-teen is talking to you less and less? Do you feel like they rush away from the dinner table the second they’re done eating? We all know that communicating with our kids is…

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My Success MBA: 12 Skills Kids Need to Thrive in the 21st Century

It’s called “My Success MBA” As a parent, you probably haven’t heard of it, until now. However, you’re about to learn what it is and why you’ll want to practice it as a family. Before diving deep into what My Success MBA is, though, let’s take a quick moment to share how it was developed. There’s…

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What Is The Gig Economy And Why Parents Need To Be Aware Of This

“What is the GIG Economy?” I asked my wife. She had absolutely no clue. I was shocked. So I asked a non-entrepreneurial friend online, “what is the GIG Economy,” and they didn’t know either. The GIG Economy is something all parents need to understand, thus that’s why we’re about to go over it. You see,…

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