How To Kiss Your Kids Temper Tantrums Goodnight

kids temper tantrums

Your kids temper tantrums are nothing like my kids temper tantrums…. Do you ever feel like this Mom or Dad? We’ve all been there, whether it’s a toddler in the middle of the store or our teen wanting to go to a party even though we said, “no.” But what if I told you that…

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Best Parenting Advice Ever: Today Is Not The Best Day Of Your Life (Here’s Why)

best parenting advice

Moms and Dads, get ready to hear some of the best parenting advice you’ll ever hear. Seriously, most won’t share this parenting advice with you. Most, will actually tell you something very different. But not Mark Gregston. Mark is the founder of a residential counseling center for struggling teens and is the author of several books…

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The Real Reason Kids Have Less Respect For Adults Today And What to Do

respect for adults

Let’s be honest, kids have less respect for adults today than in the past. We see it every day in schools.  Growing up, the kids who were the “troublemakers” would sometimes be rude to the authority figures, but it wasn’t considered “cool” and it certainly wasn’t common. Yet, today, fights break out on a regular…

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10 Simple Self-Care Ideas for Busy Moms

Do you ever feel like self-care for moms is impossible? You’re busy. You’re exhausted. You have ZERO time to add anything new to your plate… even if you know you need it. Well, I have news for you… self-care expert Jody Agard disagrees with you. We recently spoke with Jody, who shared with us that,…

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3 Sweet Tips On How To Raise A Resilient Child Who Bounces Back

resilient child

There’s no doubt that we all want to raise a resilient child who bounces back after they fail. But how do we do that? We recently chatted with former counselor turned stay-at-home mom Lauren Jones Jumrukovski of They Say Parenting. This Instagram Influencer pointed out that resiliency isn’t something we’re born with, necessarily, but that it’s…

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Kids Chores: Yes Giving Kids Chores Can Actually Reduce Anxiety

kids chores

Yes giving kids chores can actually help reduce anxiety.  Moms, dads, can I get a hallelujah?! It’s kind of like being handed a Christmas present, right? You’re able to help your child live a happier life, reducing his or her anxiety, WHILE AT THE SAME TIME getting their chores done! (Such a win!) The reality is,…

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Stop Looking at Milestones for Kids (Yes it’s Hard)

Milestones for kids… so many parents are guilty of this. I had a close friend share with me that she would question whether her daughter was far enough along, developmentally. Her son was speaking full sentences by the age of two and counting to 100 by 2-1/2. She looked at my son (who started riding…

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Do you REALLY Know your Kids’ Friends? (Here’s Why You Should)

Do you know your kids friends and their parents? Even if you’re the best parent and are raising the best child, their safety depends on our help. The reality is, as parents, we are fully aware of just how much our kids’ friends influence their behavior. And while you may think you don’t have to…

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25 Absolutely Awesome Mom Bloggers to Follow on Facebook

Do you love following mom bloggers on Facebook? When my parents were raising me, they had to rely on books or (more commonly) friends and family for parenting advice. Those days are long gone, though, thanks to the internet. Today, there are literally tens of thousands of mom bloggers out there on every topic under…

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Self-Care for Moms: How To Practice Self Care For Exhausted, Busy Moms

self care for moms

Does Self-care for moms sound like an oxymoron to you? You’re exhausted and busy, how the hell can we find time for self-care? via GIPHY You see the memes online about how you can’t pour from an empty cup. Blah blah blah. I’m willing to bet that those memes haven’t changed your behavior. You’re still…

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