How To Detect If Your Child Is A Kinesthetic Learner [and What to Do If So]

kinesthetic learner

Table Talk Conversation: Would you consider yourself an auditory, visual or kinesthetic learner? Your Family’s Table Talk “Talking Points” are in the Conclusion below. Every one has a different learning style. There’s no right or wrong style. The key, though, is to help your child identify how they learn, so they perform best. The three primary learning…

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My Success MBA: 12 Skills Kids Need to Thrive in the 21st Century

It’s called “My Success MBA” As a parent, you probably haven’t heard of it, until now. However, you’re about to learn what it is and why you’ll want to practice it as a family. Before diving deep into what My Success MBA is, though, let’s take a quick moment to share how it was developed. There’s…

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What Is The Gig Economy And Why Parents Need To Be Aware Of This

“What is the GIG Economy?” I asked my wife. She had absolutely no clue. I was shocked. So I asked a non-entrepreneurial friend online, “what is the GIG Economy,” and they didn’t know either. The GIG Economy is something all parents need to understand, thus that’s why we’re about to go over it. You see,…

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Kids and Social Media: How Social Media is an Asset to College Acceptance

kids and social media

Kids and social media. It makes you cringe sometimes, right? Long for the ‘good ole days’ when we weren’t so connected and technology wasn’t such a huge part of our lives? Well it’s time to face it, Mom and Dad, technology and social media are here to stay. And believe it or not, kids and…

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How to Be the Best Homeschooling Parent [Even When You Don’t Homeschool]

You’re a homeschooling parent! And you’re a homeschooling parent! And you are a homeschooling parent! You’re all homeschooling parents. Seriously, whether you technically homeschool your child or not, come time when that school bell rings for the end of the day, your day begins in empowering your child with a champion mindset to win at…

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Importance of Parental Involvement in Education

why parent involvement is important in education

It shouldn’t come as any huge surprise the importance of parental Involvement in education. However, the reality is that most parents don’t know how important. Parents today are busier than ever before and being pulled in a multitude of different directions. “More than 80 percent of new teachers feel that parental support and involvement is…

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The Importance of Education: Is College Worth the Money

What is the importance of education? I went to an incredible liberal arts college in the Midwest and had a great experience. I got a BA and later an MA in English. I excelled in school and genuinely enjoyed my classes. But am I a better writer because of my degree? Am I more equipped…

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What Is Positive Education And How To Apply It At Home

Positive education is a relatively new approach to education that is being used to increase the overall happiness and well-being of students today. But what is positive education, exactly? And how can you apply it in your own home? And, quite frankly, why does it matter? What is Positive Education? According to the World Government Summit,…

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Why Mindfulness in Education is Needed and How to Get Started

Mindfulness in education? Healthy stress is just a part of life. It helps kids and adults, alike, to be challenged to grow. However, stress in the educational system has gotten out of hand. Students are feeling pressured to excel in rigorous academic settings while maintaining busy recreational schedules. Parents are stressed and exhausted, running kids…

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Why Parents Should Support Social and Emotional Learning

Are you familiar with Social and Emotional Learning, also known as SEL? According to McGraw Hill Education, “A growing body of research identifies successful social and emotional learning (SEL) as a key element for advancing student achievement in school and beyond. This emerging learning practice is being integrated in classrooms and schools, as well as in the…

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