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What are Conversation Starter Cards?

Create Your Own Conversation Starter Cards in 4 Easy Steps

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There are so many ways you could use meaningful conversation to impact your brand starting for as low as $1.97
Here are a few examples:

Business Cards

Be Impossible to Forget

Start Real Conversations

Develop Real Connections

12 Unique Ways Organizations 
are Using Conversation Cards
to Amplify their Message

  • Low Dollar Offer
  • Free + Shipping Model
  • Promotional Gift
  • Retain Members in Online Memberships
  • Monthly Gift for Association Members
  • Amplify Nonprofit Message
  • Fundraising Activities
  • Gift for Attending Events (online or off)
  • Giveaways
  • Highlight Conference Speakers  
  • Book Promotions
  • Launches

Nonprofit Organizations

Start Conversation Around Your Cause

Create Buzz on Social Media

Offer a Low Dollar Product for Fundraising

Look at the results others have had adding a physical product:

  • Subscription Newsletter jumped from a 2.3% Conversion to 14.5%
  • A $2000 Online Copywriting Course saw a 16% lift in Conversions
  • A Nonprofit Doubled Donations and Created Social Media Buzz
  • An Online Subscription Service saw a 2.6% jump in Stick Rates
  • A $49 eBook only increased conversions by 13% 


Generate Buzz Before Your Book Launch

Have a Low-Cost Giveaway or Tripwire Offer

Use as a Lead Magnet or Upsell

Real Estate

A Promotional Gift New Home Buyers Will Use Again and Again

Memorable Swag for Prospective Buyers

Be the Top of Mind Realtor for Families


Monetize Your Podcast

Create Buzz Online to Reach More People

Increase Conversions on Digital Products


A Social Cause Local Families Will Rally Behind

Done-For-You Press Releases that You Encourage Digital Devices to be Put Down

Custom Branding with Local Calls to Action

Once you've scheduled your call to discuss content, your custom deck of cards can be created in as little as 4 days

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