Extroverted Parent Raising an Introverted Child [An Experiment]

extroverted parent raising introverted child

As an extroverted parent, raising a teenage boy who proclaims himself to be an “introverted child” can be interesting at times. I’m not sure at what point my son, Mikey, stumbled upon the belief he was an introvert. When I started to put this together, the following video popped into my mind, thus it’s only…

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How to Get What You Want from Your Parents

get what you want from your parents

Can I let you in on a little secret? It’s entirely possible to get just about anything you want from your parents, teachers, siblings, friends and virtually anyone you come across. Imagine, for just a moment, how wonderful your life would be if every time your precious heart desired something from someone, you got it.…

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105 Shocking Celebrities Who Turned Childhood Adversities into Massive Success

adverse child experiences study

Tragedy doesn’t have to define you. Quite the opposite. Adverse childhood experiences can be leveraged to become your greatest strength. You’re crazy if you think any challenge you have at this very moment will define your tomorrow. Below you’ll see over 100 multi-millionaires, billionaires, politicians, United States Presidents, world-renowned actors, musicians, comedians, champion athletes and…

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