25 Powerful Affirmations For Kids That Will Boost Their Spirit

Affirmations for kids and adults are so powerful.

Let’s be very clear first.

Affirmations are not woo woo.

What makes them woo woo is when they’re not believable or when you don’t put action behind the affirmation.

Do Affirmations Work for Kids

In short, the answer to this is a resounding “yes!”

We all have so much negativity and judgement turning around in our heads. We even judge ourselves for judging ourselves!

That’s why affirmations are so powerful. They help to stop that broken record of negativity and judgement.

The key is that they have to be believable for the kids, which is why Jodie Aman suggests kids use “strategic affirmations.”

Now, an affirmation (to be clear), is something you WANT to believe. But if there’s no belief ANYWHERE, it becomes woo woo and the belief won’t go anywhere.

For example, if your son or daughter hates themselves, using an affirmation that says “I love myself” won’t work, because they don’t believe that. So instead, you need to have them take baby steps with their affirmations to move them closer to the ultimate belief that you want them to have (“I love myself”).

So, in this example, a baby step might be, “It’s POSSIBLE that I might love myself.”

And you can take this approach with any belief that your child wants to have.

We’ve listed a few ideas of powerful affirmations your kids can use to get you started.

25 Powerful Affirmations For Kids

  1. I am becoming better every day
  2. I love myself OR It’s possible that I might love myself
  3. I’m an intelligent person OR It’s possible that I might be an intelligent person
  4. I’m proud of being myself OR There are things about myself that I’m proud of
  5. My dreams are achievable
  6. I give myself permission to do what’s best for me
  7. My opinion matters OR It’s possible that my opinion matters to someone
  8. I stand up for myself because I matter
  9. I’m not in a race, there’s plenty of time to get to where I want to be
  10. Reputation is important but doesn’t define me
  11. Even when I have setbacks, I keep going
  12. My friends aren’t always right
  13. I will do better next time
  14. I am happy, so who else is there to please?
  15. When someone is mean, it only reflects who they are, it doesn’t say anything about me
  16. My first love probably won’t be my only love and I accept that
  17. It doesn’t matter what I wear today because in 5 years, I won’t remember
  18. I’m not defined by my test scores
  19. I don’t need drugs or alcohol to have fun
  20. There may be people judging me, but only the ones most afraid of being judged
  21. I have skills that are unique to me
  22. I care about what’s going on in the world and want to make a difference
  23. I’m not lost, I’m still creating myself
  24. I have everything I need to be successful
  25. This is only the beginning

Bonus: 25 Positive Affirmations for Parents

  1. Everything will work out for me
  2. I was not made to give up
  3. I choose the person I want to be
  4. I have confidence in my skills
  5. I am confident around others
  6. If I fail, I will get back up again
  7. My confidence is without limits
  8. I will not take the negativity of others personally
  9. I am a beautiful person
  10. I’m allowed to say “no” to others and “yes” to myself
  11. I am loved and I am wanted
  12. I deserve and attract amazing experiences
  13. It’s okay to make mistakes, I can adapt
  14. Negative self talk has no place in my life
  15. I do not bow to my fears
  16. I will achieve all my goals
  17. I only set goals that matter
  18. I am constantly improving
  19. I am not dependent on anyone else
  20. I can go with the flow
  21. The more I give, the more I will receive
  22. My strength is stronger than my anxiety
  23. There are no challenges I can’t overcome
  24. I am talented and intelligent
  25. I face the day with calm and patience

Final Thoughts on Affirmations for Kids

Affirmations can be incredibly powerful for kids (as well as adults), but the key is that your child has to BELIEVE them. If there’s no belief then nothing is going to change, no new belief system will form.

That’s why you need to use “strategic affirmations” and take smaller steps to get to the belief system you want to achieve.

Encourage your kids to write the affirmations on their mirror (use lipstick or a dry erase marker) so they see the affirmation every morning when they wake up. And let us know how it goes! Drop us a comment below.

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